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Registration Closed. If you are still interested, please contact us directly till 31.01.2020 (Ph: 0471 2593960, 2594960)

1 Research Methodology in a Historical Perspective
(Introducing Rationalism/Deduction, Empiricism/Induction, Problem of Induction, Falsification, Hypothetico-Deductive Method as Scientific Method, Experimentation in Social Sciences)
2 Research Paradigm, Methodology, Methods
3 Research Design
4 Confirmatory and Exploratory Research: Distinctions
5 Qualitative Research: An Introduction
6 Quantitative and Mixed Methods: An Introduction (Scaling techniques, etc)
7 Review of Literature (How to prepare a good literature review?)
8 Identification of Research Problem, Framing Objectives (Hypotheses, if any)
9 Secondary Data Sources
10 Primary Data: Sampling, Sample size determination
11 Selecting Analytical Methods, Preparing a good Proposal
12 Building up Questionnaire
13 Pilot Survey; Reliability and Validity of the Questionnaire
14 Case Studies
15 Qualitative Data Analysis
16 Quantitative Data Analysis (Statistics and Econometrics; Introduction to Gretl, Stata and SPSS packages)
17  How to write a good Research Report?


Program Schedule
Sl. No Date Resource Person
1 06.01.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
2 09.01.2020 Prof D Narayana DN Former Director, GIFT
3 13.01.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
4 16.01.2020 Dr Cherian Samuel CS Lead Evaluation Officer
The World Bank (MIGA)
5 20.01.2020 Prof Guilhem Fabre GF Paul Valéry University, France
6 22.01.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
7 29.01.2020 Prof Gabriel Simon Thattil GS Director, IQAC
8 30.01.2020 Prof P Sanal Mohan SM ICHR
9 12.02.2020 Prof M A Oommen MA Former Chairman of the 4th State Finance Commission of Kerala
10 13.02.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
11 19.02.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
12 20.02.2020 Prof K J Joseph KJ Director, GIFT
13 26.02.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
14 27.02.2020 Prof Mala Ramanathan MR Professor, SCTIMST
15 05.03.2020 Dr Vijayamohanan Pillai VM Former Professor, CDS
16 11.03.2020 Dr Mohanakumar MK IDS, Jaipur








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List of participants
Sl. No Name Program Topic University
1 Adithya V.K. PhD Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Kerala: A Study on Integrated Farming University of Kerala
2 Akhina Balu P PhD Marketing of green homes: social implication and business opportunity University of Kerala
3 Ala Rajani V G PhD Developing an Experiential Learning Model in Commerce for Enhancing Interest, Achievement and Critical Thinking of Higher Secondary School Students. University of Kerala
4 Alex Louis PhD Micro Finance & Taxation Bharathidasan University, Trichy
5 Anjaly R PhD Problems and Challenges of Export Industry in Kerala University of Kerala
6 Anjana B.S. PhD Time Utilization Pattern of Women in Kerala with special reference to Unpaid Labour University of Kerala
7 Aparna merin mathew PhD Risk Management in the Agriculture Sector with special reference to Kerala. University of Kerala
8 Aria Mol.S PhD Enhancing awareness on renewable energy management and sustainable development using multimedia learning package among secondary school students University of Kerala
9 Arya S PhD Health Effects of Women Empowerment: A Comparative Study of Selected Vulnerable Communities in Kerala University of Kerala
10 Athira kv PhD Addressing Women Issues in Kerala: A Study of Political and Non - Political Organisations University of Kerala
11 Bhavanamol R PhD Capabilities of Disabled Youth in Kerala:Evaluation using Developmental Assets Framework University of Kerala
12 Chandini S Gopi PhD Revenue Mobilization in Kerala: A Prognosis of Capacity Imperatives Through the Lens of Potential. University of Kerala
13 Deepthi M K  PhD Developing an Edugraphics Instructional material for learning History of English Literature for students at Undergraduate Level University of Kerala
14 Devi Krishna V PhD Impact of Digital Banking on Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance University of Kerala
15 Dhanya.G.S PhD Consumer behaviour of NRI households in kerala University of Kerala
16 Dinesh S. PhD Bullying Victimization In Early Years And It Influence On Select Form Of Aggressive Behavior Social Withdrawal Among Teenagers With Behavioral Problem University of Kerala
17 Gauri L. PhD E-Business Models- Opportunities and Challenges for MSME Sector University of Kerala
18 Gayathri J J PhD Cochlear Implantation and Quality of Life Among Hearing Impaired in Kerala University of Kerala
19 Gopika C G PhD An assessment of the digital payment system in India - A status analysis University of Kerala
20 Jisha Gopi PhD Challenges of Nascent Entrepreneurs APJ Abdulkalm Technological University
21 Kavitha Gopan B PhD Investment Management and Tax Planning in Financial Decision Making- A Study on Individual Investorss University of Kerala
22 Kavitha S. PhD Legislative Reforms and Ease of Doing business Assessment on The Impact on MSME Sector of Kerala. University of Kerala
23 Lekha Kasmir PhD Empowerment through self- employment: A Kerala Perceptive University of Kerala
24 Nandu C J PhD Consumer Behaviour and Environment Quality University of Kerala
25 Nayana Prabhash PhD Infrastructure Support Systems and Ease of Doing Business in Kerala University of Kerala
26 Nima Ravi PhD Critical Success Factors of Social Entrepreneurship APJ Abdulkalm Technological University
27 Noufal N PhD Prospects and Problems of Social entrepreneurship in Kerala University of Kerala
28 P Rohini Krishna PhD Organizational Culture and its effect on Employee Engagement in the IT Industry of Kerala – a Study using OCTAPACE Profiling M G University
29 Parvathy P S PhD Social Responsibility of Non-Corporate Enterprises in Kerala- An Evaluation University of Kerala
30 Pradeep R V PhD Role of Performance Approach Orientation in the relationship between Cognitive Self-management and scholastic performance of Secondary School Students University of Kerala
31 Prayaga M.A PhD Role of Police in Disaster Management: A Study of Kerala University of Kerala
32 Priya U.V PhD Development of A Yoga Integrated Instructional Package for Enhancing Select Life Skills of Student Teachers University of Kerala
33 Rani A K PhD Trauma and Resilience: A Social Work Intervention with Sexually Abused Children in Ernakulam District Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong, Meghalaya
34 Renjitha T PhD Employee Retention Strategies in Private Hospitals University of Kerala
35 Reshma Rajeevan PhD Strategies for Urban Poverty Alleviation in Kerala: Role of Public Policy, Human Capital and Social Capital University of Kerala
36 Rubsana N Beegum PhD Capabilities Approach to Educational Poverty: A Study among Women in Marine Fishing Communities of Kerala University of Kerala
37 Shameer T PhD A Study on Talent Management with Special Reference to IT Sector In Kerala University of Kerala
38 Sherine Fredy PhD Fintech: Revitalising the Indian Banking Ecosystem University of Kerala
39 Shinoj Sasidharan PhD Nepal's Relations with India and China: Views and Perspectives from Civil and Political Societies University of Kerala
40 Shiyas I S PhD Role and Effectiveness of Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Indian Insurance Sector University of Kerala
41 Simi M PhD Effectiveness of ASSURE Model in Ecology on Scientific Reasoning , Metastrategic Knowledge and Achievement of Higher Secondary School Students University of Kerala
42 Sinimol J S PhD Stress Management Among College Students in Kerala University of Kerala
43 Smitha K S PhD Developing A Successive Approximation Model Based E-Learning Package for Higher Secondary School Students to Enhance Their Achievement and Life Skills. University of Kerala
44 Sofia Ahmed Sait PhD Quality Management in Primary health centres in Kerala University of Kerala
45 Sooriya C Thengamam PhD Ideology and politics in coalitions : A case study of Communist Party of India in coalition fronts of Kerala University of Kerala
46 Soumya. G.S PhD Empowerment of Rural Mass Through Government Interaction: A Study of Kerala University of Kerala
47 Sreekrishnan.P PhD Construction of Portfolio: A Study with Special Reference to Retail Investors in Kerala University of Kerala
48 Sruthi M PhD Sectorial profitability of momentum strategies in Indian equity market with special reference to NSE University of Kerala
49 Sumesh S P PhD Effectiveness of Export promotional Measures to service exporters University of Kerala
50 Sumi S S PhD Developing Instructional Strategies Based on True Colours Personality Theory for Enhancing English Language Skills of Prospective Teachers University of Kerala
51 Vidhu Krishnan PhD Leadership and Motivational Practices in Enterprises in Public and Private Sector- A Comparative Study University of Kerala
52 Anwar Shahid P M MPhil Locating India in the International Cybersecurity Regime M G University
53 Arathi Aneesh I K MPhil Women Workers in Unorganized Sector with Special Reference to SM Street in Kozhikode District of Kerala University of Kerala
54 Gopish G MPhil Behavioral Determinants of Taxation in Kerala University of Kerala
55 Merin Mathew MPhil An Evaluation into the Role of Debt Relief Commission on Addressing the Farm Distress in Kerala. University of Kerala
56 Gayathri Ranjith PhD    
57 Muhlisa A PhD    
58 Sereena A PhD    
59 Rahul R Kurup PhD    
60 Vishnu S Kumar PhD    
61 Anjali B MPhil    
62 Sr Rosy C P MPhil    
63 Aswani Thampi PhD    
64 Mary Lydia PhD    
65 Udayakumar M PhD    
66 Anila K PhD    
67 Sreenu G Das PhD    
68 Vijaykiran V MPhil    
69 Akhil Menon      
70 Vishnu Govind      
71 Jayasree G PhD    
72 Kavya Shabu PhD    
73 Anila R PhD    
74 Sruthi S G PhD    
75 Irshad V PhD    
1 Aisha Abraham PhD18 The Business of Direct Selling in Kerala: A Study With Reference To Employment And Earnings CUSAT
2 Aswathy M A PhD18 A Study on Healthcare Expenditure in Kerala CUSAT
3 Lekshmi Prasad PhD18 A Study of Financial Inclusion of Marginalized Groups in Kerala CUSAT
4 Suha A M PhD18 Cooperative Federalism and Fiscal Autonomy in Pre and Post GST Scenario CUSAT
5 George K John PhD19 A study on the impact of GST MSME sector in Kerala CUSAT
6 Indhu T R PhD19 Public Financial Management to Natural Disasters in Kerala CUSAT
7 Jerome Joseph PhD19 Governance of GST in India with Kerala Context CUSAT
8 Steffy Antony PhD19 Scope of Ethical Investment as an Alternative to Traditional Investment for Sustainable Growth CUSAT